10% Galfan Gabion

Why choice 10% Galfan (90%zinc + 10%aluminum alloy) wire as the gabion material?
In recent years, the application of gabion, it was found that the impact of stone cage life is the decisive factor is the wire material, and the best material is zinc aluminum alloy wire (galfan – Golfer wire). 

The following is the 10% Galfan wire and galvanized steel cost comparison:

  • corrosion resistance: galvanized -10% aluminum alloy wire corrosion resistance of about 2.5 – 3 times the galvanized steel wire.
  • air oxidation: galvanized steel wire with time changes, the surface gradually become gray due to oxidation; galvanized -10% aluminum alloy wire with time changes, the surface gradually become black due to oxidation. The key difference is that the oxidation of the surface of the galvanized steel wire will reduce the useful life of the gabion, and the oxidation of the zinc-aluminum alloy wire will increase the useful life of the gabion.
  • the price: zinc-aluminum alloy wire prices higher than some galvanized steel wire.

So in addition, why would you think of using galvanized 10% aluminum alloy steel wire instead of galvanized 20% aluminum alloy steel wire, galvanized 30% aluminum alloy wire?
Japan has done a special test of the relationship between aluminum content and corrosion in the coating, the test results are as follows:

Why is the choice of 10% aluminum zinc aluminum alloy wire?

 It can be seen from the test results, the coating aluminum content of 10%, the amount of corrosion 5g / m2 / year. While the aluminum content continues to rise when the amount of corrosion but increased, until the aluminum content of 40% of the time, only to reach 5g / m2 / year. It can be concluded that with the ability to resist corrosion and economic point of view, with hot-dip 10% aluminum zinc alloy wire is most appropriate.
Zinc-aluminum alloy gabion is also called Galfan gabion, Galfan by the wire galfan transliteration, zinc-aluminum alloy gabion from 10% / 5% aluminum-zinc alloy low-carbon steel woven from the artificial Assembled into a cage, and then loaded stone, mainly for a variety of water conservancy projects.
Summary, in the cost control in a certain range, 10% aluminum zinc aluminum alloy wire the best anti-corrosion, the longest life, which is why the choice of stone cage net 10% aluminum zinc alloy wire.