Gabion baskets is a developed new technology in recent years. Gabion baskets majority  used for water conservancy construction. gabion is made by highly corrosion resistant, high strength, ductility low carbon steel wire or PVC coated wire with the standard ASTM A 975, the gabion’s wire diameter are 2.0-4.0mm and the wire tensile strength can’t less than 38kg / m2, the zinc coating weight is generally higher than 245g / m2. Gabion basket edge wire diameter generally larger than the inner wire diameter. Double stranded portion of the length of not less than 50mm. To ensure that the twisted part of the metal coating and PVC wire coating from damage.

(1) Aperture:. 60 * 80mm, 80 * 100mm, 80 * 120mm, 00 * 120mm, 120 * 150mm.  Length double stranded portion of which may not be less than 50mm to ensure that part of the wire twisted metal coating and PVC coating will not damage.

(2) Wire diameter for gabion have three kind- mesh wire, edge wire, tie wire

  1. Scope of mesh in 2mm-4mm
  2. The edge is generally greater than wire mesh, coarse 0.5mm-1mm
  3. generally the wire diameter oftie wire is2.2mm

(3) wire tension: not less than 38kg / m2  380N / mm

(4) Gabion baskets Surface treatment

  1. Galvanized. The electric galvanizedis 10g / m2. Poor corrosion resistance.
  2. The hot-dip galvanizing. The amount of zinc can be up to 245g/ m2. Corrosion resistance much more strong.
  3. Galfan coated(zinc-aluminum alloy). There are two types of material, zinc -5% aluminum alloy wire, aluminum and zinc mixed -10% alloy wire. Superior corrosion resistance.
  4. PVC coating: PVC coating general thickness of 1.0mm thickness, for example: 2.7mm after the package is 3.7mm. Strong anti-corrosion

(5) Size: Can be customized

This structure can be used for slope protection, excavation, the rock face of the mountain hanging shotcrete, slope vegetation (green), Railway Protection block Highway isolation, it also made cages, mesh pad for rivers, dykes and seawalls to protect against erosion and reservoirs, rivers closure with cages.