gabion in water conservancy

Lee works in the stone cage is mainly used for rivers, roads, rivers, rivers, fish ponds and other water conservancy projects. The groin is also known as the Tongtang dam, which is widely used in the management and maintenance of the river of the building. Its main function is to maintain the direct corrosion of the river stream of rock and digging damage, but also to improve the riverway to maintain the river and maintain the aquatic life Hobbies Farm diversification played an important role. Gabion because of its natural stone its own internal porosity permeable layout, outstanding anti-corrosion and mechanical effects, but the gabion can also be so beach shelter and sedimentation of water, the suspension of waste has obvious ecological effects.

The diarrhea is usually the riverbank or the embankment of the embankment embankment is diagonal, the direction of the movement between the angle of about 60 ° to 90 ° of the layout, the function of the gabion is to take the water flow from the riverbank or the layout, The accumulation of dams in the delta triangle forms a new waterfront line adjacent to the intention of reaching the riverbank and layout to protect against corrosion. The groin can be used with a single, but also several parallel groin group. Relaxed riverbed corrosion, dyke dam root protection should be used to avoid the root flow erosion and corrosion time to protect the dam if the dam. The guardian of the dam should be aware of the safety of the vessel.

The excavation of the embankment along the direction of the dam along the direction of the dam on the distribution of the flow field layout, I have a reasonable interval of the shore, the elements of the river, the depth of water, dam dam crest elevation and other factors. Along the dam 2 sealed along the dam center also set a gabion, or cut down the Weihe River downstream siltation of the sludge will be taken away the coastal flow. Along the slope outside the slope to facilitate the slope of the steep inside the steep stone or into the mesh bag or mats to avoid the dam out of the dam, the gabion as much as possible to ensure that the accumulation of solid and sediment deposition Impact.

Usually located in the river is expected to form a new water line. Down dam downstream high-end embedded downstream river channel or center of the dam may leave a small number of water and a distance. The dam is usually high in the high water level, the water level is low, the dam water, the high water level, the water over the crest, along the dam, the gabion can accumulate the accumulation of water in the low-lying area of ​​the dam, The role of the gabion in the riverfront. In order to speed up the dam deposition rate in the dam and the river between the low-lying construction of the road along the dam of the straight stone cage dam. Shun dam and power grid dam once completed, increased in stages. The construction of the whole gabion dam is convenient, the cost is low, the demand for underwater construction is not suitable for the cofferdam (which will affect the navigation) is a worthy implementation of the solution. Low-strength soft-based geotextile woven bottom maintenance is appropriate, for the strengthening of the role, can improve the foundation strength, construction convenience, the role of outstanding, and can reduce the amount of stone on the basis of subsidence.
Gabion in some mountain rivers, water level gap bridge. In the dry season, the rapids, sometimes rainstorms, often damage the original bridge. Coupled with the lack of supply in the mountains of electricity and machinery will also bring certain limitations to the construction. Stone cage layout has excellent corrosion resistance, construction is also very convenient.

Stone cave bridge site of the river, the annual depression is expected to pass through the water corrosion, riverside collapse. In order to maintain the safety maintenance of bridges and embankments, in addition, because of the establishment of a bridge, will cause the river flow to change, Amoy pegged farmland and village bank, building to be built in riverbank maintenance. Bridge soft base, bridge base maintenance, usually in the pier, suddenly shortened the activity, the flow will suddenly add the bridge to scour the grim other places to compare the permeability of the channel gabion and the sensitive layout, the use of maintenance group, Has a strong resistance to deep burst, can greatly improve the stability of the bridge system.