Project Description


Textured Perforated Geocell


  • Geocell is textured perforated.
  • DEZE Geocell is made of ultrasonically-welded HDPE.
  • It used to secure highway,prevent mixing type landslide and loading of gravity.




DEZE Geocell with texture and perforation.

DEZE Geocell is made of ultrasonically-welded HDPE and can be expanded to form honeycomb structure.

Cells are then filled with readily available granular materials and compacted.

The Geocell solution means to challenge soil stability problems in lots of applications through the high-strength network of interconnected cells.

How Textured Perforated Geocell Works

When filled with compacted materials,it creats a new composite entity that possesses enhanced mechanical and geotechnical products.

When the soil contained within Geocell is subjected to pressure,it causes lateral stress on perimeter cell walls.

Welding Geocell


  • used to secure highway, railway subgrade.
  • to bear the dikes and shallow river control load force.
  • to prevent mixing type landslide and loading of gravity.
  • in the face of soft foundation.

By using geocell can greatly reduce the labor intensity of construction, reduce the thickness of roadbed construction speed quick, good performance, greatly reduce the construction cost.

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