Project Description

Welded Gabion
Welded Gabion
Welded Gabion

Gabion Deco


  • Gabion Deco made in China have good quality with good price
  • Gabion Deco used for landscaping and retaining walls.




Gabion Deco is made of welded wire mesh panels assembled with spirals, locking pins and corner ties. Each gabions box is constructed of rugged high tensile wire which is coated with a thick, corrosion-resistant layer of zinc.

The wire is also available with a tough, durable pvc coating. Gabion Deco could be used for prefilled on site construction which is quick and easy. They have a variety of applications such as retaining walls for commercial, industrial and road project, landscaping and retaining walls.

gabion deco

Advantages of Gabion Deco:

※ Uniform wire coating for extra fur ability
※ Flexible&permable structure
※ Tolerate differential settlement
※ Easy to install
※ No special labor is require for installation

Application of Gabion Deco:

※ Architectural and landscaping
※ Retaining walls used for Embankment
※ stabilisation,Shore protection, rivers, reed beds and channel
※ Perimeter walls Rain screen cladding 

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