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gabion basket

DEZEGABION are Gabion Baskets suppliers and manufacturer.

We have 8 machines can meet customers variety of specifications needs for gabion products.

All the gabion products from us under strictly quality control system.

Our Gabions also meet the requirements of ASTM A975-97.

As one of bigest Gabion Baskets (Boxes) manufacturer and supplier in China, our Gabion products can do a variety of materials, the structures which shall be made of hexagonal Galvanized / PVC / Alu-Zinc coated double-twisted mild steel wire mesh.

Gabion Baskets shall be supplied in various lengths, widths and heights.

High quality and lower price buy from Gabion Baskets (Boxes) manufacturer and supplier,

DEZEGABIONS is your wise choice. If you have any questions just mail us, our service team will contact you soon help you solve any problems .

Gabion Basket Features:

  • The main advantages of gabions are their strength and flexibility.
  • Their wire construction can tolerate differential settlement without fracture.
  • Hydrostatic pressure does not build up behind the gabion units because of their permeable nature.
  • The double twisted hexagonal mesh means that the wire will not unravel when cut which allows the gabions to be easily cut and shaped to suit project requirements.

Gabion Baskets specifications

gabion wall

  • Control and guide of water or flood
  • Flood bank or guiding bank
  • Preventing of rock breaking
  • Water and soil protection
  • Bridge protection
  • Strengthening structure of soil
  • Protection engineering of seaside area
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