Project Description

gabion basket

Gabians, although an old invention, are quite popular today.

Gabian a wirework container filled with rock, broken concrete, or other material, used in the construction of dams, retaining walls, etc. Nomally there are two kind Gabian baskets: Hexagonal wire mesh made flexed Gabian basket and Welded wire mesh made Gabian basket.

The Advantage of Gabian:


1 Easily installed and long life

The Gabian barrier is made from Class A Galvanised mesh, or together with a PVC coating making it very weather and corrosive resistant. Installation is achieved using local unskilled labor, and no plant is necessary.

Landscaping Gabion

2 Aesthetics

The installation of a gabion clad or freestanding Gabian wall using the right rock type can be very visually appealing to the observer.


3 Versatile

The Gabian barrier can be used as a solid barrier structure alongside roads to protect from vehicle crash damage, can also be used as a cladding to an existing brick building to achieve a much higher level of sound dampening.

Gabion noise barrier

4 Enhanced noise blocking and absorption

The Gabian because of its rough nature and bulk volume easily archive the purpose of blocking and absorbing loud noise. For example a truck has a noise level of about 80 db, the one meter thick bulk gabion can reduce noise by 60 db as shown in the diagram below.

Gabion Sound Barrier

5 Density of Gabian

The infill of the barrier wall being very dense and heavy in nature will allow for enhanced sound absorption. Most of the sound with a one metre wall will be reduced.