gabion well

Landscaping Gabion is galvanized gabion baskets or stainless steel gabion baskets filled with stones, gravel, pebbles, sand or other materials you can find at the place of work.

Landscaping gabion have numerous ways to use gabion wall. You can use gabion baskets to make fence, benches, fountains, flower beds, waterfalls, as well as other things that can surprise people and delight the eyes.

Building a retaining wall is one of most popular way, they are sevice as soil reinforcement and helping solve many other problems. Gabion wall can be used as a privacy fence, you can use them as a privacy fence. The appearance of a gabion wall is easily softened with green plants, trees and other plants. They are cost effective and environmentally friendly fence. A gabion wall also can be easily become a part of the garden decoration. They can be used as folwer bed, outdoor fireplace and other interesting things you can design.