Gabions are wire mesh baskets/boxes compactly filled with rocks or soils. The Gabions linked together playing an important role in gardening, construction of erosion control structures and to stabilize steep slopes and prevent erosion.

Gabions have Welded Gabion and Flexed Gabion. Welded Gabion made by welded wire mesh in comparison with woven wire gabions, welded gabions offer a higher strength, and mostly linked by spiral. This kind gabion mostly work in gardening or to construct a gabion retaining wall.

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Flexed gabion made by hexagonal double twisted wire mesh, this kind gabion suppling as a basket/box. These rock-filled baskets are often used as retaining walls for highly erosive materials, bridge abutments and outlet aprons.Other uses include the prevention of erosion of dam overflow channels, storm water canals and catchment areas around bridges. Construction of this nature most typically includes “mattresses”, a flat gabion basket used to prevent the erosion of the river bed or canal floor.

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DEZEGABIONS suppling welded gabion and filed gabion baskets, we are suppling hot-dip galvanized steel gabions, galvanized + PVC coatted steel gabions, Galfan(zinc/aluminum alloy) steel gabions and Stainless steel gabions. And our OEM service can meet all your specification needed for gabions.

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