High Strength Gabions

High strength gabions combine the reliability and quality, along with low cost and simplicity in operation, high strength gabions can be used much more efficiently than conventional gabions.

Here are the high strength gabions specifications:

Wire diameter 2.2mm-2.7 mm. Mesh opening 6*8cm,8*10cm(opening tolerance +/- 0.6 mm). 4 meters length × 2 m width/each.
4 meters length × 1.5 m width/each.
4 meters length × 1 m width/each.

Here are the high strength gabion rolls specifications:

100 m length × 4 m width.
Wire diameter: 2.2mm-2.7 mm(opening tolerance +/- 0.6 mm).
Tensile 1270-1570 N/mm2;
Density of zinc from 110 to 250 g/m2;
Service life of 10-25 years.
High strength gabions are made from rings of continuous woven rope weaving, wire diameter, 3 mm and 4 mm.
High strength gabions are manufactured of high strength of any width, height and length.