The smaller Garden Gabion can be used in the courtyard for terracing and smaller Gabion retaining walls, or even internal feature/decorative walls, or raised garden beds. Generally the height of the gabion wall you require is 500 – 1000mm in height and this can easily be constructed using the 500 x 500 (width x height) gabion basket. We are offering hexagonal woven or weldedmesh for this purpose. Examples of both kind basket mesh types are shown below.

The hexagonal woven mesh kind gabion baskets has an aperture of 80x100mm, with mesh wire diameter of 2.7mm, edge wire is 3.40mm.

Landscaping Gabion

The square weldedmesh basket is supplied with an aperture of 50x100mm, wire diamter of 3.15mm
All Gabion mesh is hot- dip Galvanised mild tensile steel, to provide flexibility, and supplied packed flat for erection and filling on site. The small Gabion can be filled with glass bottles, rock, timber logs, building rubble, roof tiles or whatever you have available or would like to decorate the basket with, including filling with locally available topsoil. This soil filled basket would then require the Coir fiber blanket internally along all sides to prevent the loss of soil, lifespan of coir is 3-4years depending on the local climate. If filled with rock, the basket design life typically is 20-40 years, as long as not placed into an extremely corrosive environment. The PVC coated woven mesh is more suited to corrosive environments.