Galfan gabion

Galfan Gabion is a new anti-corrosion gabion materials, mainly used for metal surface thermal spray. Compared with the pure zinc wire and pure aluminum wire, which after spraying with a strong adhesion, wear resistance and good corrosion resistance, superior construction and other special functions.

Galfan Gabion (5% zinc-aluminum alloy Gabion):

Mainly used for dike protection, river slope, coast maintenance, watershed management, water conservancy and ecological environmental restoration project, with a corrosion-resistant carbon zinc 5% aluminum alloy wire weaving production, the use of long life.

Features of galfan gabion:

Galfan wire with high corrosion function, anti-corrosion function of the trade is about 2-3 times than normal plain galvanized steel wire. Whether at home, in a moist environment, or in the ocean climate and other harsh environment, the zinc alloy layer steel corrosion function than general galvanized, electro-galvanized winning. The ductility of zinc alloy wire and a deformable layer can be extremely strong, and even beyond it maintains steel group. You can stand strong deformation technical conditions, surrounded by tortuous testing, without worry of cracks and falling zinc layer.
Galfan Gabion baskets, also known as aluminum zinc alloy, look good disposition effect, excellent machining function, cold function near to leaded brass, cost-effective, environmentally friendly materials, easy to deal with high-quality features of national environmental protection requirements, etc.

Uses of galfan gabion:

Water conservancy projects, roads, railway embankment slope protection, ecological protection revetment, slope ecological management, coastal engineering, disaster protection management, large-scale slope retaining engineering, ecological river construction, municipal gardens.