Gabioner are enviroment friendly and cost effective when compared to other options. The inherent advantages of cost and the fact that gabioner withstand the rigors of the enviroment for very long periods of time have made the use widespread. 

Protector Gabion boxes & Mattresses are made of triple twist hexagonal woven mesh fabric. Protector gabioner stand out as the simple , efficient and economical solution , as the cages are simply filled with natural stone & also proven as environmentally friendly.

Protector gabioner have the following positive advantages : 

  • Cost effective & environmentally friendly alternative to concrete system 
  • The gabioner structure blends easily and harmoniously with natural surroundings 
  • Simple & speedy installation , using natural or quarried stones obtained locally 
  • Ability to deform without cracking allowing the structure to withstand any unpredictable movement or settlement without loss or stability 
  • Higher resistance to natural forces due to better tensile strength 
  • Majority of manpower need not to be skilled & speed at which the work is carried out is unparalleled in civil engineering, besides making it cost effective 
  • Easy of repair to any damaged cages, with minimal expense 
  • The use of gabioner as retaining structures provides a low cost alternative to concrete or masonry retaining walls.