Gabion fence

Gabion walls are widely used in major landscape construction for retaining but their application in the garden is something that is the average homeowner can use to create beautiful garden features often using materials that are recycled or that are readily available onsite.

Gabion wall is now the latest fad in residential fencing and soil retention solutions and is specified by many building designers and architects for new houses and renovations. For the DIY person it’s quite easy to construct and can look fabulous. Gabions are wonderful features for the garden. Their versatility also allows you to use them when building decks and patios. Just decide on the size and shape of the walls you want to build.

gabion wall

 The advantages of gabion wall:

1 Efficient 

Using gabion walls is efficient, modern and environmentally friendly solution to prevent erosion. Gabions are made of special double twisted hexagonal network with thick zinc coating. Gabion walls are very durable and resistant to earth pressure, easy to install, require almost no maintenance and are self-draining, making them an ideal solution for retaining walls.And it offers a reliable protection against noise, privacy, it can be used as a windshield.

2 Inexpensive

The low cost, durability and functionality are the main advantages of gabion walls. Gabion fences are cheaper, much stronger and quicker to install than any other type of stone fencing. They’re built of galvanized steel baskets filled with rocks. They’re very flexible in size and appearance and they can be very useful in outdoor spaces. Gabion fences can be almost any height by any length.

3 Durability

The gabions are metal cages filled with stones, often used as separate wall, fence. Durability is a very important advantage of gabion walls. They are not easily dragged down a sloping or eroding terrain. The strong base and the flexibility of the wire baskets allow small movements as the ground below is shifting. The environmental friendliness and the ability to combine with other materials are another advantage. Gabions can be combined with wood, metal, concrete or any other fencing material or garden wall material.

4 Drainage Capacity

Gabions have an excellent drainage capacity. The gaps between the rocks can be filled with vegetation and silt, which will reinforce the gabion wall. In addition, the gaps between the rocks allow water to flow through the structure, which helps to maintain the ground water level relatively low.

gabion wall