Gabion Wall Baskets

Gabions and gabion wall baskets have many practical applications along with many specialty uses as well. With steel wire mesh in the form of a  gabion wall baskets, along with the right geotextile and drainage plan, you can create an amazing retention wall. Retaining walls made from  gabion wall baskets are being used around the globe and are being seen as a great sustainable solution.

As these wire cages form into a wire wall, vegetation can be introduced to create a “Vegetated Wire Wall”. Imagine replacing old concrete retention walls with vegetation! These are the types of solutions that we supply. Turning simple welded wire fence and wire mesh panels into something as beautiful as a vertical wire wall vegetated garden is true innovation! Many materials available including: galvanized steel wire mesh, stainless steel screen wire mesh, copper welded wire mesh, galvanized aluminum or GALFAN  gabion wall baskets.