Gabion Sound Barriers

The Gabion Sound Barriers made out of woven or a square weld mesh as its name suggests has a dampening effect on the noise emitted from vehicle traffic or factory or any other noise. The Gabion Sound Barriers as made from a steel mesh, filled with rock fragments, either rounded or angular, being very effective at absorbing the noise pollution rather than reflecting it like most other noise barriers, and due to its bulk nature is very useful in this regard.

Gabion noise barriers have been used very successfully woldwide to reduce the effects of noise. We have named a few different types of noise barriers and compared there benefts against the gabion type.


Vegetated hedge barrier – the hedge barrier looks nicer, however it lets the noise over, through and under the hedge making it of little effect when it comes to reducing high noise volumes.

Solid barrier, or face brick sound barrier – the solid barrier is effecting at blocking, however the noise bounces back and over this type of barrier making it quite ineffective.

Corrugated metal barrier – due to its solid and thin nature the sound can bounce over and actually pass through this type of barrier.

Wooden barrier – the wooden type often has too many joins or gaps between planks, and will let most of the noise through the barrier, making it quite ineffective. Also the thickness of this type is much to narrow.