Gabion noise barrier
Noise pollution has been an ongoing problem for residential and commercial areas. To solve noise problems, gabion wall has been increasingly accepted. Compared with aluminum, polycarbonate and PVC sound barrier, gabion sound wall shows a different and rustic appearance. Hence, gabion structure has been special favor for many designers and home owners.

Gabion sound barrier

Gabion sound barriers are made of rectangular woven or welded wire cages. These cages are filled with stones with central soil core. Gabion wall can be built vertically or with inclination according to the terrain conditions.

Gabion baskets come in galvanized, PVC coated or aluminum coated. These coating protect interior metal from corrosion and extend life expectancy.

Five Reasons to choose gabion noise barrier

Gabion Sound Barrier
1 Easily installed and long life
The gabion barrier is made from  Class A Galvanised mesh, or together with a PVC coating making it very weather and corrosive resistant. Installation is achieved using local unskilled labor, and no plant is necessary.
2 Aesthetics
The installation of a gabion clad or freestanding gabion wall using the right rock type can be very visually appealing to the observer.
3 Versatile
The gabion barrier can be used as a solid barrier structure alongside roads to protect from vehicle crash damage, can also be used as a cladding to an existing brick building to achieve a much higher level of sound dampening.
4 Enhanced noise blocking and absorption
The gabion because of its rough nature and bulk volume easily archive the purpose of blocking and absorbing loud noise. For example a truck has a noise level of about 80 db, the one meter thick bulk gabion can reduce noise by 60 db as shown in the diagram below.
5 Density of gabion
The infill of the barrier wall being very dense and heavy in nature will allow for enhanced sound absorption. Most of the sound with a one metre wall will be reduced.
Gabion Sound Barrier