Grillage gabion

DEZE GABION suppling gabion pas cher.

Gabions welded can hold their shape better and they don’t bulge out when filled with stones, compared with hexagonal mesh units. Welded gabions are easy to handle, which means more efficiency, less labor and higher productivity on the job. Gabion pas cher the installation man-hours of welded gabions can be 40% less compared with the hexagonal gabions and also welded wire mesh can better maintain the “cage” shape compared with hexagonal wire mesh material.

Welded Gabions Advantages:

Gabion pas cher is constructed of rugged high tensile wire which is coated with a thick, corrosion-resistant layer of zinc. The wire is also available with a tough, durable PVC coating. The materials result in a longer gabion life.

Material :

Galvanized wire/ galfan wire /pvc coated wire Contact deze gabion find your Gabion pas cher.