Welded Gabion

Gabion house and veneer system is a metal cage (box or cylinder) filled with rocks (debris, concrete, gravel, sand, etc) made house and veneer system. Normally the gabion basket are used as retaining walls in big & small landscaping projects. You might also hear the word hesco gabion. Hesco is a company who makes gabions baskets used by armed forces as walls to protect soldiers from enemy fire.

In a lot of video you can find out gabion baskets was used as a gun emplacement. These gabion house and veneer syetem had walls, a doorway, window opening, and roof – just like a real house. Actually you can build real house by wire gabion boxes, fill materials, road base gravel for the foundation, a bit of concrete, your choice of roof, some stucco, and interior finishings. Is the the building materials very simple?  

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