gabion wall

Gabions have now become an important feature in many situations and the construction of thin walls made from narrow depth gabions have become very popular. As gabion fencing require vertical faces and are narrow depth, extra support to provide stability is necessary. This can be provided by using metal or concrete posts at regular intervals inside the gabion basket.
Fine Mesh Metals supply a range of baskets specifically for this purpose made from 4mm dia wire to provide the added strength required to prevent deforming of the face, with minimum basket depth of 0.3m preferably 0.5m. The baskets are supplied with internal diaphragms dividing the basket into partitions of not more than 700mm square.

Below are the standard sizes we stock we can produce any size. It is best to keep to the sizes specified to minimise costs. If you do require a certain height try to keep to combinations of 75mm the mesh size to give full squares. Box Gabions Specification in Meters Diaphragms Capacity/metres
Box Gabions