Gabion Wall Baskets

Gabions and gabion wall baskets have many practical applications along with many specialty uses as well. With steel wire mesh in the form of a  gabion wall baskets, along with the right geotextile and drainage plan, you can create an amazing retention wall. Retaining walls made from  gabion wall baskets are being used around the [...]

4 Type of Gabion Basket

The following is 4 type Gabion Basket we are in sale: 1.Low carbon steel wire, steel wire diameter 2.0MM-4.0MM, wire tensile strength not less than 380Mpa, wire hot dip galvanized surface protection, galvanized the thickness of the protective layer according to customer requirements, galvanized amount can be up to 300g / m2. 2.Galfan Gabion Basket( [...]

10% Galfan Gabion

10% Galfan Gabion hexagonal double twisted steel wire of low carbon steel corrosion in particular through the disposal of machine woven and made fit engineering requirements of cages in the factory layout. At the construction site filled with stone accusative network, commonly used in slope protection, river channel bottom protection and other anti-erosion project, its [...]

Galfan gabion—new anti-corrosion material

Galfan Gabion is a new anti-corrosion gabion materials, mainly used for metal surface thermal spray. Compared with the pure zinc wire and pure aluminum wire, which after spraying with a strong adhesion, wear resistance and good corrosion resistance, superior construction and other special functions. Galfan Gabion (5% zinc-aluminum alloy Gabion): Mainly used for dike protection, [...]

 What are gabions characteristics?

Gabion baskets is a developed new technology in recent years. Gabion baskets majority  used for water conservancy construction. gabion is made by highly corrosion resistant, high strength, ductility low carbon steel wire or PVC coated wire with the standard ASTM A 975, the gabion’s wire diameter are 2.0-4.0mm and the wire tensile strength can’t less than 38kg / m2, the zinc [...]


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