Gabion Planter

Gabion Planter

The gabion planter presents a convenient way to build a strong yet stylish border for a flower or plant bed in your garden or on your patio.

The stable gabion is designed to be filled with rocks or gravels. Made of rust-proof and weather-resistant galvanised steel, the gabion is very stable and durable. The mesh grid is formed by welding transverse and longitudinal wires at each and every intersection for extra stability.

The cage gabion system neatly contains your favourite coloured stone while showcasing beautiful plants or even large trees.Each size gabion planter comes with a special garden grow bag fitting snug inside the planter box for soil retention.The grow bags are a woven material allowing soil to breath and water to flow encouraging healthy plant growth.

Gabion Planter

Build Your Gabion Planter – Dimensions 

URBAN KUBEZ Planter 45 – 370x 370 x 370 (L x W X H)
URBAN KUBEZ Planter 100 – 500x 500 x 500 (L x W X H)
URBAN KUBEZ Planter 150 – 600 x 600 x 540 (L x W X H)
URBAN KUBEZ Planter 250 – 800 X 800 X 600 (L x W X H)


Gabion Mesh Aperture

75×50 rectangular opening allowing for a broad choice when selecting decorative stone from 80-100mm and above.

Gabion Planter Specifications

Super tough 5mm welded wire mesh, galvanised.

Gabion Planter Inclusions

Outer cage system includes x 5 panels, spiral wires for joining panels, internal support braces.  Inner cage system includes 4 panels, spiral wires + free planter grow bag to suit each individual model, ie 45 litre, 100 litre etc