Tendance Gabion

Tendance gabion are wire mesh baskets interconnected to form a strong and flexible structure like gravity walls, weirs and groins. They are used for bank stabilization, erosion control, and retaining structures for roads and railroads. Tendance gabion is made wire welded mesh panel, connected with spiral, easy to install and delivery.   Welded Tendance gabion [...]


A gabion (from Italian gabbione meaning “big cage”; from Italian gabbia and Latin cavea meaning “cage”) is a cage, cylinder, or box filled with rocks, concrete, or sometimes sand and soil for use in civil engineering, road building, military applications and landscaping. The subtle variation in stone colour, the texture of different rock fillings and [...]

Gabion Mattress Sizes

Gabion Mattress Is A Low Gabion Box. Used for Erosion Control in Slopes and Embankments. The gabion mattress size: Wire tension resistance: 450/650 N/mm2. Zinc plated surface thickness: 260 g/mm2, according to the british standard (BS443-1052). Net hole: 8/10 cm. Net wire diameter: 2.4 mm. Cortege wire diameter: 3.9 mm. Conjunction wire diameter: 2.4 mm. [...]

Gabion Fencing

Gabions have now become an important feature in many situations and the construction of thin walls made from narrow depth gabions have become very popular. As gabion fencing require vertical faces and are narrow depth, extra support to provide stability is necessary. This can be provided by using metal or concrete posts at regular intervals [...]

Gabion Cages

Gabion cages in the world have been used for over 100 years. For the first time as a reinforcing material of construction gabion cages have been used in France in the early 19th century. It is noteworthy that these early structures are functioning properly until today. Gabion cages can be used to reinforce slopes, hillsides, [...]


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