Galfan gabion

10% Galfan Gabion hexagonal double twisted steel wire of low carbon steel corrosion in particular through the disposal of machine woven and made fit engineering requirements of cages in the factory layout. At the construction site filled with stone accusative network, commonly used in slope protection, river channel bottom protection and other anti-erosion project, its layout has flexibility, permeability, all, environmental affinity and other characteristics.
Gabion for high flow rates, severe erosion, and more slow slope of the river water seepage. Gabion genus flexible layout, self-adjustment on uneven subsidence resistance. Shore porous surface, the gap between the rest of the stone conducive to animal and plant growth, above the waterline accusative mesh bags can be used with new soil planting vegetation beautify fit ecological considerations and security needs.
10% Galfan gabion the outer cladding layer of PVC perhaps PE (not to use other polymers), and its products will become more layout with rust, anti-static, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, high compression, high shear and other characteristics, can effectively resist seawater or highly corrosive environmental pollution.

Project layout body accusative network made has the following characteristics:

  • A flexible layout: anti-rain, water erosion, no seam layout, diet modification, all the layout malleable, slope revetment to protect the beach
  • Good permeability: to drainage consolidation, which will help secure the hillside, soil and water conservation.
  • Corrosion resistance: The appearance of the disposal of low carbon steel wire corrosion, durability, appearance plus PVC / PE protective layer can be used to change the water quality of the ocean shore and beach big rivers meet the water elevation.
  • Erection convenience: no water, cement, electricity and templates, simple and easy to install, can be assembled into various shapes depicting banding, connected as a whole.
  • Speed, which will help to catch up period: You can group together multiple construction, parallel assembly line.
  • Affordable: You can tailor the use of local stone resources.